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About Us

Core Values


We believe in providing the best quality based on North American industry standards and outperforming our competition with best-in-class value.

We believe in creating loyal customers by providing a superior service experience.

Our commitment is to provide total satisfaction for employees, customers and vendors.

About Us

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Stepup Scaffold, a division of Sunshine Enterprises, started in 1998 and quickly became one of the largest importers, and manufacturers of scaffolding and access equipment in the North American market. Throughout the years, Stepup Scaffold has continued to diversify our product lines and capabilities to meet the needs of our customers and the industries we serve. We have focused our business structure to best serve scaffolding companies and contractors, helping them to grow their businesses.

Owning our own factory and employing several hundred skilled factory workers helps us to remain competitive in the scaffolding market. Our QA/QC program and company core values ensure quality products while saving our customers time and money. Our engineering and New Product Development teams allow us to build and design new products and custom items for our customers with extremely short development timelines. Stepup Scaffold has conveniently located branches throughout the US and Canada to serve the needs of our customers wherever they are. Our distribution locations, along with our Logistics Team, help us maintain and control a multi-million dollar inventory of on-the-ground and pipeline material at all times. All of these factors together have allowed Stepup Scaffolding to be one of the largest scaffolding suppliers in North America.


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Our manufacturing focus is to maintain our skilled workforce, keep our production levels high, and maintain our quality standards. Controlling our own production facility allows us to remain a reliable and competitive vendor for our client base. Overseas alliances and long-term relationships help us to outsource unique items which are not manufactured in-house. Our in-house QA/QC procedures are applied to the vendors we have selected to utilize, so our customers know they can rely on the full line of components sourced from Stepup Scaffold.

A traceability code is etched on every piece of material and lets our customers know the who, what, when, where and how of each and every specific piece of material that has been produced. All QA/QC documents are stored in our online database along with the traceability code. That, in conjunction with our 10 million dollar product liability insurance, provides another level of comfort over our competition. 

About Sunshine Enterprises

Sunshine Enterprises is headquartered at Memphis, Tennessee in the United States, and is a privately owned corporation with multiple divisions. We have the flexibility to tailor programs to reach our customers' unique requirements. Our clients in many cases become our best sales force as they refer new business to us based on their satisfaction with Stepup Scaffold. Word of Mouth Advertising is a testament to our Commitment to Customer Service.