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Multi-Function Scaffolding

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Multi-Function Scaffolding


Steel Multi-Function Scaffolding

Item NumberDescriptionHeightLengthWeight (lbs)
MFSMulti-Function Scaffold Set65"6'148.00
MFS-GRS6Multi-Function Scaffold Set - Guard Rail Set - 6'72'6'80.00
MFS-NORMulti-Function Scaffold Set - Narrow Outrigger18"16"6.00
MFS-WORMulti-Function Scaffold Set - Wide Outrigger33.5"33"18.00
MFS-L39Multi-Function Scaffold Set - 39"x29" with Extension Frame39"29"15.01
MFS-L65Multi-Function Scaffold Set - 65"x29" with Extension Frame65"29"24.30
MFS-T6Multi-Function Scaffold Set - 6' Platform Truss18"6'21.20
MFS-P6Multi-Function Scaffold Set - 6' Plywood Board28.62"66.93"30.93
C5R-SRubber Caster with Lock - 5"--4.69
C5R-HJHard Rubber Scaffold Caster with 1" Round Stem & Grip Ring- 5"--3.30