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Stairway Units & Ladders

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Stairway Units & Ladders

StepUp Scaffold's Commercial & Residential Stairway Units & Ladder Scaffoldings meet all scaffolding industry standards. Our Stairway Units & Ladder Scaffoldings can handle any Commercial & Residential construction project and are compatible with most common frame scaffolds in the scaffolding market. This makes StepUp Scaffolding's Stairway Units & Ladder one of the most used and recognized scaffoldings for sale in the scaffolding market today.

  • High Quality Steel for Frame & Brace Accessories
  • Highest Quality Powder Coated Finishes & Galvanized Finishes for Durability
  • Traceability Imprinted Code on Scaffold Frame & Scaffolding Components for Quality Assurance  

Internal Stairway Units

Item NumberDescription Weight (lbs)
STARTERBAR 5' Starter Horizontal For Stair Set15.44
ST7Stairway Unit, Complete Set - 7'142.11
ST7-PAccess Stair Unit - 6'4"Hx7'W113.00
ST7-ORAccess Stair Unit, Outside Rail14.00
ST7-IRAccess Stair Unit, Inside Rail9.00
ST8Stairway Unit, Complete Set - 8'146.11
ST8-PAccess Stair Unit - 6'4"Hx8'W95.00
ST8-ORAccess Stair Unit, Outside Rail30.97
ST8-IRAccess Stair Unit, Inside Rail19.68

External Access Ladder

Item NumberDescriptionLengthWidthWeight (lbs)
LF3Ladder Frame - 3'8"44"15"11.95
LF6Ladder Frame - 6'5"77"15"18.22
LBRACKETLadder Bracket15"7"7.57
LF3-LLadder Frame, LA Style - 3'36"15"10.00
LF6-LLadder Frame, LA Style - 6'72"15"19.09
LBRKT-LLadder Bracket, LA Style7"13.5"5.68