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Mason Frames

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Mason Frames


StepUp Scaffold's Commercial & Residential Mason Box Frame Scaffolding meet all scaffolding industry standards. The Mason Box Frame can handle any Commercial & Residential construction project and are compatible with most common frame scaffolds in the scaffolding market. This makes StepUp Scaffolding Mason Box Frames the most used and recognized scaffolding for sale on the scaffolding market today.

  • High Tensile Strength Steel Frame Scaffolding
  • Highest Quality Powder Coated Finishes & Galvanized Finishes for Durability
  • Traceability Imprinted Code on All Scaffold Frames & Scaffolding Components for Quality Assurance 

Mason Frames: V-Lock, Drop Lock & Flip Lock

Item NumberDescriptionHeight (M)Height (ft,in)Width (M)Width (ft,in)OD Tube (M)OD Tube (ft,in)Top Lock (M)Top Lock (ft,in)Top Hole Space (M)Top Hole Space (ft,in)Inventory LocationWeight (kgs)Weight (lbs)
MF2H-5W-L5Mason Frame - 0.610Hx1.524W (2'Hx5'W) with V-Lock0.6102'1.5245'0.521.69"1.836"0.762.5"NYC11.3024.91
MF3H-5W-L5Mason Frame - 0.91Hx1.524W (3'Hx5'W) with V-Lock0.913'1.5245'0.521.69"1.836"0.762.5"NYC13.0828.84
MF4H-5W-L5Mason Frame - 1.22Hx1.524W (4'Hx5'W) with V-Lock1.224'1.525'0.521.69"1.836"0.762.5"NYC15.9335.11
MF5H-5W-L5Mason Frame - 1.524Hx1.524W (5'Hx5'W) with V-Lock1.5245'1.5245'0.521.69"1.836"0.762.5"NYC17.6438.90
MF6H-5W-L5Mason Frame - 1.95Hx1.524W (6'4"Hx5'W) with V-Lock1.956'4"1.5245'0.521.69"1.836"0.762.5"NYC21.1846.70
MF3H-5W-L3Mason Frame - 0.91Hx1.524W (3'Hx5'W) with D-Lock0.913'1.5245'0.521.69"1.836"0.762.5"ATL/HOU12.5227.60
MF4H-5W-L3Mason Frame - 1.22Hx1.524W (4'Hx5'W) with D-Lock1.224'1.5245'0.521.69"1.836"0.762.5"ATL/HOU15.2933.70
MF5H-5W-L3Mason Frame - 1.524Hx1.524W (5'Hx5'W) with D-Lock1.5245'1.5245'0.521.69"1.836"0.762.5"ATL/HOU16.8537.15
MF6H-5W-L3Mason Frame - 1.95Hx1.524W (6'4"Hx5'W) with D-Lock1.956'4"1.5245'0.521.69"1.836"0.762.5"ATL/HOU20.4145.00