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Putlogs & Hangers

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Putlong & Accessories


StepUp Scaffold's Commercial & Residential Frame Scaffolding & Accessories meet all scaffolding industry standards.  StepUp Scaffold's sturdy scaffolding Putlogs and accessories enhance the mobility of scaffold systems, making scaffolding easier to position on jobsites.  Our scaffolding Putlogs and accessories are produced to handle residential construction worksites, and the heavy duty demands of industrial construction worksites. Designed with safety in mind, StepUp Scaffold's Putlogs and accessories offer premium quality and extreme durability for all your scaffolding needs. 

  • High Tensile Strength Steel Frame Scaffolding
  • Highest Quality Powder Coated Finishes & Galvanized Finishes for Durability
  • Traceability Imprinted Code on All Scaffold Frames & Scaffolding Components for Quality Assurance 


Item No.DescriptionWidthWeight (lbs)
P8Putlog - 8'8'30.32
P10Putlog - 10'10'30.00
P12Putlog - 12'12'44.00
P14Putlog Deep Truss - 14'14'47.00
P16Putlog Deep Truss - 16'16'61.73
P18Putlog Deep Truss - 18'18'79.00
P20Putlog Deep Truss - 20'20'93.33
P22Putlog Deep Truss - 22'22'98.40
P24Putlog Deep Truss - 24'24'110.53
P26Putlog Deep Truss - 26'26'118.00

Putlog Hangers

Item NumberDescriptionWidthHeightWeight (lbs)
PRAHPutlog Parallel Hanger7.2"6.2"5.81
PRAH-LPutlog Parallel Hanger6.9"12.5"8.80
PPHPutlog Right Angle Hanger5.5"6.8"4.41