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Tubes & Fittings

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Tubes & Fittings


StepUp Scaffold's Commercial & Residential Frame Scaffolding & Accessories meet all scaffolding industry standards.  StepUp Scaffold's sturdy scaffolding Tubes & Clamps enhance the mobility of scaffold systems, making scaffolding easier to position on jobsites.  Our scaffolding Tubes & Clamps are produced to handle residential construction worksites, and the heavy duty demands of industrial construction worksites. Designed with safety in mind, StepUp Scaffold's Tubes & Clamps offer premium quality and extreme durability for all your scaffolding needs. 

  • High Tensile Strength Steel Frame Scaffolding
  • Highest Quality Powder Coated Finishes & Galvanized Finishes for Durability
  • Traceability Imprinted Code on All Scaffold Frames & Scaffolding Components for Quality Assurance 


Item NumberDescriptionEffective Length (M)Effective Length (ft)Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)
TUBE4Tube with End Fitting - 1.219 M (4')1.21944.7410.45
TUBE6Tube with End Fitting - 1.828 M (6')1.82866.4314.17
TUBE8Tube with End Fitting - 2.438 M (8')2.43887.7917.18
TUBE10Tube with End Fitting - 3.048 M (10')3.048109.6221.21
TUBE13Tube with End Fitting - 3.962 M (13')3.9621312.9428.53
TUBE16Tube with End Fitting - 4.877 M (16')4.8771614.9733.00


Item NumberDescriptionWeight (kgs)Weight (lbs)
CLAMP-IBTC-SSwivel Beam Clamp1.513.32
CLAMP-IBTCI-Beam Tube Clamp1.653.63
CLAMP-RRight Angel Clamp Forged-UK Style1.603.52
CLAMP-SDrop Forged Swivel Coupler-UK Style2.184.80
CLAMP-JP-PPressed Steel Joint Pin0.721.58
CLAMP-HNHalf Clamp with Hexagonal Nut0.912.01
WEDGE-CLAMP-SSwivel Wedge Clamp1.663.66
WEDGE-CLAMP-RRight Angle Wedge Clamp1.453.20