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Post Shores

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Post Shores


StepUp Scaffold's Commercial Post Shore Scaffolding conforms to the most rigid tolerance tests in the scaffolding industry.  Designed with safety in mind, StepUp Scaffold's Post Shore Scaffoldings offer premium quality and extreme durability for all your system scaffolding needs. Review the tables on this page for more information about allowable loads and specifications.

  • High Tensile Strength Steel Frame Scaffolding
  • Highest Quality Powder Coated Finishes & Galvanized Finishes for Durability
  • Traceability Imprinted Code on All Scaffold Frames & Scaffolding Components for Quality Assurance 


Item NumberDescriptionLengthMin. HeightMax. HeightWeight (lbs)
PS01Post Shore 3'5" to 6'3'5"-6'1"3'6'1"25.35
PS02Post Shore 5'5" to 10'5'9"-10'3"5'6"10'1"37.99
PS03Post Shore 6'5" to 11'6'6"-11'6'6"11'1"40.81
PS04Post Shore 8'7" to 13'2"8'6"-13'8'6"13'3"46.64
PS05Post Shore 10'7" to 16'4"10'6"-15'6"10'7"16'6"54.34

Allowable Loads in Lbs

Item Number4'5'6'7'8'9'10'11'12'13'14'15'
PS02  65006070565052304310     
PS03   60705650523043104390    
PS04     52304310439039703550  
PS05       43903970355032703000

Post Shores (PSX)

  • All Post Shores - External Tube 2.38" x 0.09" & Internal Tube 1.91" x 0.126"