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Stairs & Treads

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Stairs & Treads

StepUp Scaffolding's Ringlock System Scaffold for the Industrial, Commercial & Residential Markets are designed and manufactured to meet all scaffolding industry standards. Our broad selection of RingLock scaffolding products and accessories, include Standards, Ledgers, Sway braces, board brackets and more. StepUp Scaffold's Ringlock System Scaffold is easy to assemble and improves labor productivity. This makes our Ringlock System Scaffold is one of the most used and recognized Ringlock scaffolding for sale on the market today.

  • High Tensile Strength Steel Frame Scaffolding
  • Highest Quality Powder Coated Finishes & Galvanized Finishes for Durability
  • Traceability Imprinted Code on All Scaffold Frames & Scaffolding Components for Quality Assurance 

Stair Stringer

Item NumberDescriptionBay Width (M)Bay Width (ft)Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)
S-SSL7Left Stair(Stringer) - 7'2.134723.9152.71
S-SSR7Right Stair(Stringer) - 7'2.134723.9152.71
S-SSL8Left Stair(Stringer) - 8'2.438839.0085.98
S-SSR8Right Stair(Stringer) - 8'2.438839.0085.98

Stair Tread

Item NumberDescriptionLength (mm)Length (in)Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)
S-ST30Stair Tread - 30"762.0305.1311.31
S-ST36Stair Tread - 36"914.4366.0913.42
S-ST42Stair Tread - 42"1066.8427.2015.87